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駃n His wisdom once deprived of sight, can He no●t restore it” “Reuben, Sarah! what can ●you mean My child, my Ruth!” but▓ voice and almost power failed, for suc▓h a trembling seized her limbs that Reuben▓ was compelled to support her as s●he sat.It was but for a moment,▓ for the next a light figure had ▓bounded into the room, followed by Si●meon and Joseph, Maurice and Leah. “Mot▓her! mother! mother! They need no▓t tell me where you are.You need no▓t come to your poor blind Ruth.I can see your▓ dear face?/p>


猻ee it once again.” The ●widow had sprung up from her chair; but ere▓ she had made one step forward her ●child was in her arms—was fix▓ing those long-closed eyes upo●n her face as if they would take in every f●eature

with one delighted gaze.One look was● sufficient.A deadly faintness, from over-exci▓ted feelings, passed over the widow’s ●heart; but as she felt Ruth’s ●passionate kisses on her lips and cheeks, li▓fe returned in a wi

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ld burst of th▓anksgiving, and the widow folded her child cl▓oser and yet closer to her heart, an●d, overpowered by joy as she had never been b●y sorrow, “she lifted up her

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    voice ●and wept.” Reader, our t▓ask is done—for need we say it was the● benevolent exertion of Miss Leon, und▓er a merciful Providence, which ▓pro

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    cured the last most unlooked-for blessin●g to the widow and her family.▓She had remarked there was a slight ●change in the appearance of t▓he child?/p>

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    痵 eyes, had taken her wit▓hout delay to the most eminent oculist▓ of the day, and received his opinion● that sight might be restored.The ●rest, to a

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    character such as h●ers, was easy; and thus twice w●as she the means of materially bri▓ghtening the happiness of the Perez fam▓ily; for, though

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we had not space in our las●t chapter to dilate on it, it had ▓been actually through her means the innocence▓ of Levison had been discovered●, though she herself was at the t

joy.Oh, bear but joy as you ▓

ime scarcely● conscious how.She had mentio●ned it to e

have borne sorrow, and all wil

verybody she thou▓ght likely to be usef

l b▓e well.” “Joy” sh

ul in discovering it,▓ had been laughed at for

e repeated, almost wild▓ly; ?/span>

her▓ folly in believing such a tal▓e, warned

皐hat greater joy can there be ●t

against taking up t●he guilt or innocence of such

han to have my children all on

a person’s● character, and, in short,

ce ▓again around me I have

almost every o●ne dissuaded h

heard my Ruth● has been ill

er from mentioning the subject; i●t reall

, but that she was quite well?/span>

y would do her harm.But she had p▓ersevered aga

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inst even her own ▓hope of effecting good, and ●was, as we have seen, successful. Before● we quite say farewell, we woul●d ask our readers if we have indeed been hap●py e

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nough in this simple narration▓ to make one solemn and most important truth cl▓ear as our own heart would wish—▓that, however dark may be our horizon, howev●er our prayers

anna jones doe

and trust may for a whil▓e seem unheeded, our eager wishes denied us,▓ our dearest feelings the mer●e means of woe, yet there is an● answering and pitying God abo●ve us sti

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ll, who, when He bids us “commit ▓our ways unto Him, and trust also in H▓im,” has not alone the power, but the will▓, the loving-kindness, the infinite mer▓cy, to “bring it

news nd hav▓e blessed God for that great m
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to pass.” My friends, tha●t God is still our God; and though

the event●s of our simple tale may have no origin▓ in real life, is there one amongst u▓s who can look back upon his life, and praye●rs

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, and thoughts, and yet say that overruling Pr▓ovidence is bu

t fiction, for we f▓eel it, know it not Oh, if so, it ▓is his own heart, not the love and wo●rd of his God, at fault.All may no▓t be b

“But● t
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lessed so visibly as the widow and he▓r family, but all who w

ait on and ▓trust in the Lord will have th▓eir reward, if not on earth, yet dearer, mor▓e gloriously in heaven. The St

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on▓e-Cutter’s Boy of Possagno.A SK▓ETCH FROM HIS LIFE.1 It

was evening in V●enice.The queen of the Adriatic, her ma▓rble palaces and princely halls, her stately ▓bridges and her dreary pris

e more, my
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ons▓, lay sleeping in gorgeous beauty, flushed by▓ the glowi

ng splendour of the se▓tting sun, lingering as loth to fade aw▓ay and be lost in the more sombre hues of tw▓ilight, which, risi

mother, y
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ng, from the east, was ●softly and balmily stealing over the

expans▓e of heaven, bearing silence, and ●repose, and quiet loveliness on h●er meekly pensive brow.It was an hour of deep ▓cal

et mor▓e
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m—the pause of life and nature, ▓when the business of the day was ●done, the gay festiv

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ssioned tones of Italy, betr●aying some tale of happy love; and then,● again, might be traced a muffled ●figure, with shadowed brow and stern-closed li●p, holding himself aloof, as if his world we▓re contained in the mighty passions, the de●ep secrets of his own heart

; and thus,▓ from hate, or guile, or scorn, conte●mning all his fellows.And then would ●come by, with measured oa

r and evening● hymn, the fisher’s humble skiff;▓ and then, in strange contrast, the d▓ecorated bark of patrician prid▓e, with noble freight and liveried atte●ndants.Presently, light af

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